• Students can follow quality learning materials for a fee of Rs 500 which is comparatively low than the market rates of similar programs.
  • Students are guided by well competent lecturers who are experts in the relevant field of study
  • The syllabus is prepared with special consideration on job market requirements to ensure employment opportunities for all our course recipients.
  • Knowledge of the Teli community and insights on how to sell one’s knowledge into International markets will be discussed in the learning platform.
  • Students are facilitated with five turns to watch a video
  • Completion of All courses will be in-between 3- 12 months. No course will exceed more than a period of one year.
  • The administration has facilitated previews of lessons for students and through these free videos, students can gain a better understanding of the module prior to enrolling.
  • Free access to lecture sessions conducted by the Institute through which the student can clarify his/ her subject related concerns.
  • Issuing a certificate at the end of the program. (It is compulsory for students to face a practical assessment and Rs.1000 with the charged for a certificate per module)
  • Students are benefited through savings made on transportation and commuting time as all learnings can be done while at home via the internet.
  • Special seminars and workshops conducted by our industry experts will be free of charge for our course recipients.